The house was founded in 1953, 30 meters from Corso Vercelli and Piazza Wagner. Shoemaker in Milan. So we read in the civic n. 9 of Via Belfiore, always, the historic and renowned Milanese store operated by Gian Alberto Pontiggia in collaboration with his wife Nadia and son Luca, heirs of generations of artisans dedicated to the world of footwear.

Specializing in men’s shoes, Belfiore offers its customers the best price to quality ratio.An artisan production totally made in Italy, with grade double bottoms of cured rubber or leather, sewn and finished completely by hand.

All Belfiore shoes are produced with different sizes. An exclusive collection dedicated craftsmanship. The result is, brogues, loafers, lace-up shoes or with the buckle, with half punching or stamping dovetail with tassels, with rubber base for rainy days.



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